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How we helped Deloraine to sell out their concert

Interested in how we helped the band Deloraine to gain new fans and sell out their concert in Brno?

Music video release and promotion

Deloraine reached out to us about the upcoming release of their music video - Ragnarok. The video is excellent and it was a pleasure to work on such a unique project. We took care of the release together with the band and did all the PR and online marketing.

Using online advertising on YouTube and Facebook + Instagram, we managed to not only reach hundreds of thousands of people, but also maintain a really high level of interaction from the audience, which is absolutely crucial for us.

A pagan music video Ragnarok filmed mostly in Norway.

How to boost your Spotify?

The next task for us was to boost the band on Spotify, which was falling behind YouTube. To do this, we again used footage from the Ragnarok music video and produced a series of video creatives for our Facebook and Instagram campaign. With combination of our work with Spotify playlists, in the first month alone, the number of listeners increased 3x and the band gained 1,000 new followers.

However, our work didn't end there and we continued to work with the audience. We were able to rapidly increase the number of followers on Instagram and Facebook. And that's exactly where it's easiest to notify your fans about upcoming concerts.

Deloraine at the Celtic Night festival. Photo by Eevi Seaninel Tervaan.

Sold Out!

Thanks to taking care of all advertising campaigns, we have a unique opportunity to connect everything together. All the previous work culminated in preparations for the band's own concerts in Brno at Špilberk and in Prague at Stromovka. The results? Brno hopelessly sold out and 300 tickets sold in Prague alone. In total, almost 1.000 tickets sold!

It's probably no surprise that we are already planning the release of the upcoming Lughnasad video with the band :)

Campaign Summary

Services provided

  • YouTube ads

  • Facebook and Instagram ads

  • Working with audiences, remarketing

  • Spotify promotion

  • Ticket pre-sale campaign

  • Merchandise


  • Over 3.500 new subscribers

  • Over 200.000 views on YouTube alone

  • High interaction rate - 350 comments and almost 5.000 likes

  • 4x more listeners Spotify and 3.000 new followers

  • 6.000 new fans on Facebooku and Instagramu

  • sold out gig in Brno and successful pre-sale campaign for Prague concert (almost 1.000 sold tickets and revenue over 10.000 EUR)


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