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Do you need a booking manager?

Many musicians and bands often find themselves at a crossroads, wondering if they need a booking manager to help them secure gigs and navigate the music industry. Recently, a band approached us with just that question about a booking manager.

The band is stagnating - what next?

This band has been actively performing in their local area, including local festivals, where they have developed a dedicated fan base. The fans love their shows, but the band feels stuck and is struggling to grow. They have released several albums, but the demand for their music seems to have stagnated.

One possible solution seems to be to hire a booking manager. But is that really the answer to all the musician's or band's problems? Check out our video where the CEO of Digiton Miloš discusses this problem.

Will the booking manager save us!?!

The problem is that booking managers are basically like salespeople. Their main job is to secure gigs and opportunities for artists. If an artist's activity does not generate revenue or create demand, it is difficult for a booking manager to work efficiently. After all, booking managers usually work on a commission basis and without income it is difficult for them to make a living.

What a man can't do for himself...

So it's important that artists take care of their careers themselves first and foremost. Building your own business, understanding how the music industry works and managing yourself are essential steps. Without creating demand and generating income on their own, a booking manager is unlikely to be the solution to all their problems.

Have we planted a bug in your head? We'd love it if you'd share your opinion with us - either by commenting below the YT video or by posting a message here on the blog.


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