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Digiton Music Agency

Band performing a concert

At Digiton Music Agency, we've got a big dream – to change the music scene in a major way. We want to help musicians not just be heard but be a huge deal globally.


Our goal is to be the go-to place for artists who want to make a real impact. We're not just about promoting; we're about making dreams come true!

Elevating Music,

Empowering Dreams Globally


360° Music Agency

Digiton Music Agency isn't just your typical music crew – we're your 360° music partners. From boosting your tunes on YouTube and Spotify to complete artist management and merchandise.


Our magic also includes spreading your music across platforms and being your go-to team for social media, content creation, advice, and merch. We're here to make your music journey nothing short of awesome!

Digiton signing Jamaron


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Digiton in the News

Music was always a huge part of our lives at Digiton - every one of us is a musician! And that’s how we started - probably just like you! We started a band and wanted to be famous and sell out stadiums.


We read every book we found and started to manage the first campaigns for our friend artists.

A few years later - here we are! A professional and experienced team with the same enthusiasm for music as when we started!

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