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Czech glam rock band Joker's IV presented a new single from the upcoming album

Fresh wind on the Czech glam rock scene, the band Joker's IV releases on Valentine's Day 14.2. to the world a new clip for the single We Can't Fight It from the upcoming album Pink World. Behind it is the world-famous Swedish producer Per Aldeheim, who has long-term cooperation with, for example, the band Def Leppard. At the time when this Czech band with foreign ambitions started preparing the album, traveling was still very limited due to the covid pandemic. And so the record was gradually created in a very non-traditional way - ⁠ remotely. The new single is special in that it is the band's first ballad. In it, the boys sing about the inevitable breakup with their beloved. The debut album will be released this year.

During the covid period, Joker's IV decided to use the time off from concerts in their own way - they replaced dysfunctional members of the band with new ones, whom they met with the same desire to "go all out" and together move to the level of foreign bands. This is helped by cooperation with a recognized producer, to whom they were able to connect despite closed borders. Most of the filming of the "pink" album Pink World was done remotely via remote access. Producer Per Aldheim, who also has Def Leppard or Soilwork recordings to his credit, even appears on the record as a vocalist. During the finalization of the first single Be alive, only two members of the band were in Stockholm in person, so they included a star guest in the recording. The quality of the album, despite the unconventional way of recording, achieves world-class sound - even some Czech radio stations do not recognize that the guys from Frýdek-Místek are behind the recording. Joker's IV are now reminding listeners with a new single with the theme of unrequited love.

"We recorded this song for four days. Our goal was to sound like native speakers and not present a song with "Czech English" to the fans. The breakup came to us as a current topic, because if you want to succeed in music, and in general outside, you have to sacrifice everything. The one who has found a love that endures should cherish it, because it is not a matter of course," the musicians said about their song.

The single We Can't Fight It from the Pink World album premiered on February 10 on Spotify and other online music platforms, the premiere of the clip was thematically scheduled for Valentine's Day on February 14.

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