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Jamaron band releasing new single "Outsider"

The Jamaron group recently released the single "Nepatrný ztráty", which differed from their previous work both musically and in terms of its message. Now he follows it up with a new song called "Outsider". In it, the band solidifies even more and shows that straight-ahead rock is not a sloppy thing from the last century. Our company DIGITON MUSIC AGENCY provided a complete service, from digital distribution to press releases and advertising campaigns.

Thematically, it will transport listeners back to the school environment during the holidays. The song revolves around fragile relationships at primary school, where students are often put into the roles of favorites or, on the contrary, black sheep, through no fault of their own. The single is accompanied by a video clip, the band defines itself against bullying.

The band in the song "Outsider" hardened considerably and its members are absolutely delighted with the result. "The days when Motörhead sizzled are over, but I think Uncle Lemmy would be happy with us, and the two-footer still has something to say," manager and active band member Ondřej Dostál says about the new single. "Kopák sounds like from 'Overkill' and Ondra sounds like Milan Špalek from Kabátů, it's just great," says the song's author Jakub Dostál.

"During the filming of the clip, we joked that we would change the written name of our group to Jamäron," adds frontwoman Marie Dostálová, who appears in the video in a daring costume modeled from white adhesive tape.

The video clip was shot by Tom Tejkl, who already collaborated with the Jamaron group on the previous single "Nepatrný tráty". Thematically, everything revolves around bullying (not only) in elementary school. "As a co-author of the text, I wanted to empathize with the role of a black sheep at an elementary school who is outside the collective and has doubts, anger and struggles with her self-confidence," explains Ondřej Dostál's intention.

"Originally, I wrote the text about the feelings of a teenage student who wants to massacre the entire high school with a machine gun, but in the end we chose a milder, albeit similar, theme," adds Ondřej. "We were the first in history to write the song together with all three siblings, and I think it only had a positive effect on the result," continues guitarist Jakub Dostál. "It wasn't easy, but I think we will continue this creative process," concludes Marie.

The energy of the group is evident in the song "Outsider". The band Jamaron, which is slowly emerging into the light of the Czech music scene and, according to statistics, is among the twenty most listened to domestic rock bands, does not intend to stop its journey to sold-out clubs. In addition, she recently announced that on October 25, 2023, they will celebrate ten years since their first joint performance at Prague's Lucerna Music Bar.

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