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How do I upload music to Spotify and other platforms? Which distributor is best?

Streaming services have experienced a huge boom recently. Spotify alone will reach 365 million users in 2021, with 165 million of them paying some form of subscription to Spotify. Streaming services have now virtually replaced the sale of physical media. So how do you upload your music to Spotify, Apple Music and other platforms? Which distributor to choose? That's what we'll look at in this article.
Will you use the services of Digiton Agency, or someone from abroad? | Photo:

Together with the growth of Digiton Agency and the creation of the record label of the same name, we are now focusing on the distribution of music on all music platforms, so that we can provide artists with the entire process of releasing music from distribution to marketing. But first, let's talk about how distribution actually works.

As many of you will already know, you cannot upload music directly to Spotify or other music streaming platforms, but need a distributor, an intermediary (SoundCloud being an exception). This is mainly because each platform requires different formats of music or graphics and it is easier to deal directly with the distributor, i.e. a professional in this field, than with millions of authors and artists. Another reason may be the complexity of copyright law, as we must remember that streaming services often have no borders and operate almost worldwide. So the distributor's job is to unify the process and deliver your music to all streaming platforms at once. The distributor also collects the revenue from listening to your music for you.

To make things less complicated, there are a number of music distributors offering different options. Some operate on an annual fee basis, some are free but take a large portion of your revenue. We've picked out a few of the most well-known distributors and compared them to each other.

Digiton Agency

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, Digiton Agency as a record label is now focusing more on online music distribution and providing a complete service for artists. Thanks to our collaboration with Distrokid (see below), we are able to ensure extra fast delivery of music to all music platforms (often in a matter of days). Digiton and Distrokid also make sure that your music doesn't end up on the wrong profile, as sometimes happens.

Part of the distribution could be a request to be included in various playlists (playlist pitch), where we have a very promising track record in the long term (most of our artists regularly make it to official Spotify playlists). Another advantage is that the whole process from distribution to the marketing plan is in our hands and we are not dependent on the quality of services of other parties. Of course, everything can be handled online and you will receive regular reports on the usage of your music. We can also help you monetize your YouTube channel or protect your rights worldwide.

Pricing: 45 USD / year + 10 % of profits

Basic info:

  • unlimited music per year

  • speed

  • playlist pitch (Spotify, Amazon, Pandora)

  • lyrics sync and Spotify canvas

  • regular and transparent reports (every 3 months)

  • extra YouTube monetization can be arranged

Graphics: Tereza Lédlová


Distrokid is clearly one of the most talked about distributors in recent times, as it has won the favour of thousands of artists due to the speed and innovation it has brought to the music industry. In fact, it has quickly been able to adapt to the current trends of releasing new music on a regular basis and thus operates on an annual subscription basis. So once a year, you pay Distrokid for an account and you can release as much music as you want. The downside for some, however, is that you can't set a release date in the basic package (but you can even set the exact time in the more advanced package) and your music is not protected from unauthorised use on YouTube (you can opt to buy extra or combine it with another service, such as Songtrust). So if you plan to release music very often and are looking for a fast, reliable distributor, then we can only recommend Distrokid.

Pricing: from 20 USD / year


  • speed (sometimes already on Spotify the next day)

  • fast and quality support

  • unlimited music per year

  • A whole host of smaller tweaks (playlists, promo cards, etc.)


  • some features at extra cost

  • the premiere date cannot be set in the basic package

  • does not protect YouTube content (extra charge)

  • if you don't pay the fee, the music will be deleted (you can buy a legacy link)

This article was written in collaboration with Frontman magazine |

CD Baby

The oldest distributor on the market and Distrokid's main competitor. CD Baby takes a different route, charging a one-off fee for recording a single or album. It then offers two variants - the standard and the PRO version. In the PRO version, CD Baby will also collect revenue for you from the worldwide use of your music. The basic version includes protection of your YouTube rights or synchronisation of your music for use in TV, movies or games. This makes CD Baby especially suitable for those who don't plan to release music often or want their music to be on Spotify forever without having to pay an annual fee. The downside may be the somewhat proverbial promotion. If something goes wrong, it can cost a lot of time and effort to fix the problem.

Pricing: from 9.95 USD / single or 29 USD / album + 9 % of profits


  • one-time fee

  • YouTube protection already in the basic version

  • sync licensing


  • not suitable for frequent music release

  • poorer support

These were the two biggest foreign distributors. What is the situation in the Czech Republic? We have selected two Czech distributors and compared them with each other.

Which is the best distributor? First, be clear about your strategy | Photo:

The portal is operated by the music publishing house Supraphon, one of the oldest and largest domestic publishers ever. It is a time-tested and reliable company that occupies a prominent position on the Czech market. The sale of music works somewhat differently from the aforementioned foreign distributors. They do not charge any fees for uploading your music to streaming platforms. However, they take 30% of all your revenue from online music sales. If you're an up-and-coming band, it's certainly worth considering, as you're not risking anything. However, if you have big ambitions or already have a large following, it could cost you more than the fees at foreign distributors. Prodejhudbu also takes care of your YouTube rights.

Another advantage Supraphon may have is that if they work closely with you, they can upload your video clip to their YouTube channel, which has 243,000 subscribers. But with great tradition also comes a certain conservatism. After all, Supraphon still insists that you enter into a printed written contract with them, which you must physically deliver by mail. In today's digital age, this seems to be a relic that involves unnecessary paperwork. If you plan to release new music frequently, it can cost you a lot of extra time and hassle. It also makes the whole distribution process unnecessarily long.

Pricing: 30 % of profits


  • you risk nothing

  • YouTube rights protection

  • reputation on the Czech market


  • you give up 30% of your income (including YouTube)

  • the need to send the contract by post

  • lengthy process


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