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Singer and songwriter Láska presented a new single with a clip from the favorite place of suicides

Singer and guitarist Láska presents a new clip with actress Jana Pidrmanová in the female lead role. The video accompanies the single "Suddenly", which touches on serious topics such as personal burnout, serious relationship misunderstandings or the issue of suicide. Actor Jaromír Nosek surprisingly took over the direction. The result is a hilarious clip with a chilling atmosphere underlining the sound of the song itself. The gloomy atmosphere is enhanced by the fact that the clip was filmed in a popular place for suicides. Complete service (release, PR, promotion, etc.) was provided by DIGITON :-)

At the very beginning of the year, singer-songwriter Láska (real name Václav Vaňura) prepared his new single Najednú from the upcoming new album. This time, popular actor Jaromír Nosek, whom we know from the opposite side of the camera in Love Clips, took over the direction. Sometime in the summer I was in the theater for the play Přátelák, which Míra directed. Then when we sat together and he said how much he enjoyed directing, we agreed that I would entrust him with my next clip. So everything you see in the clip – the story, the locations, the costumes...all of this is purely Mír's work”, the musician describes the creation of the clip. The leading female role is played by the popular actress Jana Pidrmanová, who is well known to the general public from TV productions and engagements at the National Theatre.

The clip was filmed at several locations in Prague, the camera and editing was handled by Vít Kanyza, it was financially supported by OSA. The shooting itself is accompanied by a lot of quite bizarre stories. "When we were finishing filming at Bránické skály, a person came up to us asking if we were there for work. It turned out to be a plainclothes police negotiator. He and his colleagues (who were hidden nearby) arrived on someone's tip that someone was standing on the rock and was probably about to jump off. Unknowingly, we chose a favorite place of suicides for filming. It made us a little cold, we won't lie," adds the singer-songwriter about the circumstances of the clip.

Láska ended 2022 with a successful acoustic tour with Jakub Děkan. Both artists will therefore continue their tour in the spring of 2023. We can therefore look forward to concerts in, for example, Pilsen, Olomouc, Děčín, Sokolov, Sušice and other cities not only in the Czech Republic.



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